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The ALIVE National Centre's Research Projects

See the list of The ALIVE National Centre’s Internally Funded Projects, Co-Funded Projects, Externally Funded Projects and Affiliated Projects here.

Internally Funded Projects

  • Live4Life – Community level prevention models within schools and whole of community
  • The Long Conversation (TLC) – the who what where and how of lived-experience researchers.
  • The impacts of COVID-19 Vaccinations
  • Cardiovascular Risk Estimation for people with severe mental ill-health
  • Impact Evaluation and Social Return on Investment

Co-Funded Projects

  • Link-me Demonstration Project TROPHI & ALIVE (with Monash University and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners)
  • Head to Health Implementation Co-Evaluation (with Neami National)
  • Forensicare (with Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health)

Externally Funded Projects

  • A Citizen Science Project to co-create ‘BigaagARri’ a Preventive Experiential, Arts, Cultural Evidence (PEACE) model for implementing at-scale in primary care and community (2021 MRFF Consumer-Led Research (Stream 2))
  • Quality of care enhancements through the implementation of exercise intervention into usual care for people with severe mental ill-health (2021 MRFF)
  • A pilot implementation study of a co-design model for end-to-end research design to translation in Addictions and Mental Health Services (2023 Metro South Health Research Support Scheme – Co-Funded Collaboration Grants)
  • Understanding personal recovery among individuals with gambling harm and co-occurring issues and their families and friends in the Northern Territory (Community Benefit Fund Gambling Research Grant (NT))

Affiliated Projects

  • Co-Creating Safe Spaces (Michelle Banfield, Alyssa Morse, Amelia Gulliver, Heather Lamb, ANU)
  • ACACIA: The ACT Consumer and Carer Mental Health Research Unit (Michelle Banfield, ANU)
  • A mental health literacy program for teachers and schools: Evaluating the feasibility and effectiveness of Decode Mental Health & Wellbeing (Simone Darling, MCRI)
  • The Childhood Adversity and Lifetime Morbidity (MUSP-CALM) study: A 40-year study of child maltreatment over the early life course predicting psychiatric morbidity, using linked birth cohort and administrative health data (Steve Kisely, UQ)
  • Colorectal cancer Outcomes in people with Severe Mental Illness Cohort (COSMIC): An Australian retrospective cohort using linked administrative data (Steve Kisely, Claudia Bull, UQ)
  • An exploration of variations in community treatment orders across Australia (FACTORS) (Lisa Brophy, La Trobe University)
  • Mental health experiences in the Emergency Department: A systematic mixed studies review (Steve Kisely, Claudia Bull, UQ)
  • Understanding the oral health of Queenslanders with mental illness: A population-based linked administrative data project (Steve Kisely, Claudia Bull, UQ)

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