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Mental Health Care at-Scale

Amanda Wheeler
Professor Amanda Wheeler

What are the integration requirements, implementation strategies and economic costs to deliver mental health care at-scale?

Research program lead Professor Amanda Wheeler and Professor Kelsey Hegarty are co-leads for the co-designed Roadmap for Mental Health Research Translation. Postdoctoral research fellow Dr Justin Chapman is leading the development of an impact evaluation framework for the roadmap and National Centre initiatives. This program includes ongoing ecosystem mapping using Wicked Labs, and annual community activities such as a policy scan, an national lived-experience priorities survey, and prioritisation for the National Roadmap for Mental Health Research Translation.

A current mental health care at-scale research project is the Implementation Co-Evaluation with our partners Neami National. We are conducting this co-evaluation with an embedded lived-experience research model of the Head to Health sites and Urgent Mental Health Care Centre to determine implementation strategies and pathways for embedding these models within the mental health care ecosystem.

The ALIVE National Blueprint Diagram

The ALIVE National Centre Annual Co-Design Framework for the Roadmap

Click here to view the diagram that describes what happens across the four seasons in the Centre.

Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 12.03.14 pm

Lost in Translation - A Zine for Mental Health Research Translation

Click here to see the Lost in Translation – A Zine for Mental Health Research Translation Q2 September 2023. Previously known as the ALIVE National Community Update, we have undergone a massive redesign for spring with the aim of bringing you the latest in mental health research in what we hope is an engaging and dynamic format. Each quarter we will release this zine with feature articles about key translational activities in the sector.

Zine cover

The ALIVE National Centre Pocket Map 2023 Edition

Click here to see the Pocket Map 2023 Edition for the ALIVE National Centre. The Annual Lived-Experience Priorities Survey 2022 analysis has confirmed the priorities that needed to be updated and where consensus remained. This has informed the renewal of wording alongside the discussions at our Annual Symposium and review of progress for the Pocket Map 2023 Edition.


The ALIVE National Pocket Map - A Guide to our Implementation Areas

Click here to see the Pocket Map for the ALIVE National Centre’s priority areas. Eighty-eight people with lived-experience of mental ill-health (including carers, family/kinship group members and people who identify as having both experiences) completed emotion mapping as part of the Centre’s experience co-design approach.


Read the ALIVE National Phase 1 Consensus Statement The Short Horizon 2023 Implementation Actions

Watch this short video of our Phase 1 Consensus Statement co-designed with 115 people with lived-experience of mental ill-health and carer/family and kinship group members over 2022.  These actions will inform further translation goals and targets for our national roadmap. You can read the Phase 1 Consensus Statement in full here:


This image describes the emotion mapping processes for establishment of consensus in how people feel about different priority areas.

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