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Lived-Experience Research Collective

Michelle Banfield
Assoc. Professor Michelle Banfield

The Long Conversation (TLC) - Who, What, Where & How?

Lived-Experience Research Lead Associate Professor Michelle Banfield, and lived-experience researchers Dr Julia Dray and Joshua Moorhouse co-lead this flagship project with our 140+ lived-experience research collective members. TLC maps where lived-experience researchers are located nationally, the kinds of research people are engaged in, how researchers are embedding lived-experience and the capabilities that might be needed in research sectors to grow and integrate lived-experience within mental health research and translation. Currently the project is using a Crowdsourcing approach to get started on gathering models and examples. A survey of university researchers is also being scoped. The TLC intersects with our public creative engagement program led by Professor Jill Bennett and lived-experience engagement research fellow Rebecca Moran and will travel to places where lived-experience research is happening to listen to stories, and present these exemplar models in innovative ways.

The Embedded Lived-Experience Model for Mental Health Research Translation

Click here to see the embedded lived-experience model within The ALIVE National Centre, reflecting the ‘collective’ as a bridge across lived-experience for mental health research translation.

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